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Weeknotes: 2023, Week 7

What did I learn this week?

I've been reading Continuous Discovery Habits by Teresa Torres. It's full of incredibly practical advice and backed up by good examples - I really like her writing style and structure. I've already absorbed a lot of the advice into my Product Management philosophy (see "what went well").

I also enjoyed this article on roadmaps that was, again, helpfully practical!

What went well?

The past few weeks have been a great chance to clarify my thinking on how I manage products. This week I collated and translated my thoughts and ideal process into a Miro board to represent it visually - I'm really pleased I did it as (with a bit of tidying up) I can carry it forward, iterate on it, and use it to present my thinking.

"A Miro screenshot of my thinking about product management."
My product management philosophy. Maybe it could use a tidy-up...

What do I need to take care of?

Next up - do the same visual thought/philosophy map but adapted for project delivery.


I successfully completed a glute-ham raise (a set of 8 actually). Possibly my first ever one? I can't remember. It's a sign that working on the strength of the non-Hollywood muscles (hip flexors, adductors, hamstrings) is paying off.

"An animated GIF of someone performing a glute-ham raise."
This is a glute-ham raise for anyone who was wondering (©CrossFit Sagene).