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Product Portfolio: AssetMinder Impact

Here is how we took AssetMinder Impact from a proof of concept, to a fully-fledged, value-delivering, insight-providing, energy montioring beast.

This is a Product development story: Why and how we took our AssetMinder Impact energy monitoring solution from a POC to its next iteration. It details the delivery of a Product with real-world constraints and how a product delivery process adapts to those.

I've pulled in the slides for now. For more flexible interrogation visit the Miro board, or download the PDF.

"Slide giving info on the various reasons and things that we found that drove the platform evolution."
Drivers: What data did we gather that drove the evolution of the platform?
"Slide giving info on how we produced a cohesive product strategy."
Strategy Development: Formulating a cohesive strategy.
"Slide giving info on the Product vison and strategy and how these were communicated."
Product Vision and Strategy: The what, and how these were communicated to build team buy-in.
"Slide showing my intial scribbles"
Initial Designs: Turning strategy to scribbles so we can take the next steps.
"Slide detailing how we worked with tech leadership to define the technical solution."
Technical Design: Defining and researching technical solutions.
"Slide describing our approach to turning all of this into a backlog."
Flows and Story Mapping: Formulating a backlog, and providing that bridge between high-level strategy and design, and granular tasks.
"Slide describing the design process and philosophy."
Designs: Design system approach to move fast.
"Slide going into a lot of detail about the Delivery process."
Delivery Process: How did the nitty-gritty work?
"Slide describing how we obtained feedback on development."
Getting Feedback: Don't be shy!
"Slide describing the launch and marketing activities that product were involved in."
Launch/Marketing Activities: Product involvement in assisting launch.
"Slide describing the outcomes - what we achieved vs where we started."
Results: Where we were vs. where we got to...