Chris Ferguson #portfolio

Weeknotes: 2023, Week 2

What did I learn this week?

This week I learned that Nike owns Converse. Not life-changing, but it's always interesting finding out more about the tangled web of the commercial world.

What was challenging?

I held a project kick-off this week for the first time in 2 years. It was challenging coordinating so many different disciplines - coming from software/web, everyone spoke almost the same language. On reflection though, it was like putting on a comfortable pair of old slippers. My slippers though. Someone else's old slippers would not be a comfortable experience.

What do I need to take care of?

Next up it's getting back to Epic and Story-writing - my first chance real chance to do so as a Product Manager, and my first chance to put into practice a lot of things that I learned on my last project that I never got a chance to try (focus on the "why" to let the smart people work it out, less obsessing about backlog structure and format).


The coffee shop didn't give me decaf for my second coffee - the resulting buzz sent my resting heart rate soaring to 57b.p.m.