Chris Ferguson #portfolio

Weeknotes: 2022, Week 49

What do I need to take care of?

This is the most important question this week…

Strategy needs to be clear - people need to know what we’ve done and where (I believe) we should be headed. I’ve learned a lot recently about who we work with, who wants to work with us, and how we work with them, that should be disseminated across the team. Based on all of this, it’s time to revise my key messages.

When presenting to Sales - avoid telling them things they already know.

I also need to start some conversations - time to pick up Biz Dev for Dummies again.

Questions re: backlogs

Allen Holub providing food for thought again. How do you interpret this tweet? Only put things you intend to work on in the backlog? Or a backlog should only contain problems, and not solutions (ideas = potential solutions)? Both interpretations are valid, but lead to the follow on questions of:

  1. Where do you store items you have decided not to do right now? Could there be valuable information there for if you decide to revisit them? or can they ust be binned off?
  2. Where do you store work items generated for a chosen solution?

Looking at the second question in particular: I suppose teams should be working separate to your product backlog - and linking back to your initial backlog item. Why? Because your teams will be self-managing of course, so they may all choose separate ways of ideating, experimenting and managing how they document and track their work!