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Daft Stuff I've Built: No. 2, Gmail Inbox Zero Indicator

Google has killed a lot of things in its time:

But the only one I really miss is Google Inbox.

Google Inbox

Google Inbox was basically an alternative email client for your Gmail account, and ended up being a lab for prospective Gmail features.

Features like:

Most of them have ended up in Gmail you'll notice.

One of my favourite features however, was that was you got a nice picture of a sun when you hit Inbox Zero.

The Inbox Zero sun in all of it's glory
The inbox zero sun

Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero for those of you uneducated in the ways of the workflow is when you clear your Inbox - usually this is achieved by snoozing or deleting all of your emails. The feature where you are rewarded with a twee picture when you hit zero never made it across from Inbox to the Gmail web app - although bafflingly made it into GMail's mobile app.

Anyway I built a Chrome Extension that does it for me...

There is nothing to learn from this. It doesn't really improve my workflow at all.

It's just daft.